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Gallery Gadget

MWM Consulting, Inc. is proud to announce the official release of Gallery Gadget for the Microsoft Windows Vista Sidebar. This gadget easily installs onto your Microsoft Vista Sidebar and displays a slide show using pictures from your online Gallery.

Download Gallery Gadget

Current Version: 1.2

Note: IE7 will change the download filename to "Gallery.zip". Rename it to "Gallery.Gadget" for easier installation.

Version History / Features:

Version 1.2

  • Added album ID field for selecting a specific gallery album subtree.

    This should be popluated with the album's g2_itemId (located in the album URL). If you are using the URL Rewrite mod, you will need to get the g2_itemID from the administrator's view of the album URL.

Version 1.1

  • Added a navigation bar to:
    • Pause/play the slide show.
    • View the previous (up to 20) and the next photos of the slide show.
    • View the larger version of the photo in your default web browser.
  • The next image in the slideshow is now pre-cached allowing for a smoother transition between photos.
  • The slideshow images now use as much real estate within the slideshow frame as possible.
  • Added more options when choosing the length of time that each photo will be displayed.
  • Updated the background frame color picker to ColorJack's new Sphere Color Picker.
  • BEST NEW FEATURE - You can now enlarge the slideshow (up to 800 pixels) when undocking it from the Sidebar. This makes for a really nice slideshow. :)

Version 1.0

  • Choose the length of time that each photo will be displayed.
  • Choose any color as the background frame color using ColorJack's DHTML Color Picker.
  • Click the photo to open up the larger version in your default web browser.


  • Windows Vista (all flavors) with Sidebar activated.
  • Internet connection (best w/ broadband).
  • Online Gallery 2.x.x w/ Image Block module installed.


  1. Download the latest version of Gallery Gadget.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file to install the gadget onto your Vista Sidebar.


  1. Click the Gallery Gadget Configuration icon on the gadget.

    Gallery Gadget Configuration

  2. This will bring up the configuration screen.

    Gallery Gadget Configuration

  3. Enter the URL of your Gallery (i.e. http://www.yourwebsite.com/gallery).
  4. Select how long you would like each picture to display.
  5. Select the size of the slideshow when it's undocked from the Sidebar.
  6. Click the Background Color Frame Color Box to select the background color of the slideshow.
  7. Click the OK button.


   Service Unavailable

If you see the image above there is one of two problems:

  1. You are not connected to the Internet, or are having Internet connectivity issues.
  2. You have entered an invalid Gallery URL on the configuration screen.

Correct the problem(s), and Gallery Gadget will automatically attempt to reconnect.


To discuss this gadget, please visit the Gallery Gadget topic in the Gallery forums:



Credit (and much appreciation) goes to SFkilla of The Hobby Lounge for allowing us to model the Gallery Gadget settings page after that of his most excellent Multi Meter(D) gadget.


Gallery Gadget is donationware. If you like it and would like to make a donation please click this button or the button on the gadget configuration screen.

50% of all donations will go to a variety of charities helping to make this world a better place.

The other 50% will go to the developers for a pint or three of the black stuff: Guinness. :)

Email Support:

If you have questions or comments regarding Gallery Gadget please email the author at gadgets [at] mwmconsulting [dot] biz.

Most of all, enjoy!


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